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Pediatric Orthodontics and
Devices for Children in Busnago

Having a healthy smile, made up of teeth that are as aligned as possible and pleasing to the eye, is a goal of primary importance from a young age. In these delicate phases of childhood and adolescence, children can experience not just physical illness, but also psychological, due to their teeth not being developed in a correct way. For this reason, Clinica Dentale Zanardi is able to provide orthodontic solutions and offer various types of appliances for children, from the more traditional solutions to innovative ones.

Metallic and Ceramic Models

The fastest orthodontic treatment consists of metal brackets, allowing the teeth to realign themselves in a short period of time. These are less invasive alternatives and are able to deliver results quickly. It is so with ceramic brackets which, having higher alignment times, also offer a better aesthetics because they can adapt to the color of the patient's teeth.
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Invisible Orthodontics

In so-called lingual orthodontics, brackets are glued to the lingual surface (or the back) of the teeth. In this way, the aesthetic impact is basically negligible. Instead, in invisible orthodontics, transparent, removable and custom-made masks are used. This is the ideal solution for those who need a flexible and useful system that combines a flawless appearance with high functionality in any situation.
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