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Innovative Dental Technology in the Province of Milan

3-D Technology constitutes a new computerised tomographic technique dedicated to studying the facial skeleton, with particular attention to the dental arches. The results attained reveal themselves to be essential when evaluating and planning implant operations. By making use of cone beam technology, we use a bunch of conical-shaped X-rays, which allow us to reach a large volume with a remarkable reduction in radiation dosage that the patient is exposed to in comparison to conventional CT systems.

Fields of Application

The main application of 3-D technology is within the field of implantology. It is used to evaluate morphostructural characteristics, such as height and thickness of the alveolar process at the intended points of implantation. At the same time, such technology becomes useful in oral and maxillofacial surgery for the preoperative evaluation of the teeth involved--particularly the wisdom teeth.
Thanks to the low dose of radiation exposure, such technology is useful in some endodontic and periodontic cases. The use of 3-D Cone Beam technology makes it possible to obtain more detailed visuals and carry out diagnoses in a faster and more precise manner.
Due to the wide field of vision on the device used at our centre, Cone Beam CT technology is also useful in orthodontics, opening doors for new diagnostic possibilities in this field.

The Benefits of Testing

The tests carried out using 3-D technology only last a few seconds, and can be comfortably completed in both a standing and seated position. Cone Beam tomography is aesthetically similar to a panoramic radiograph, and allows for the positioning of the patient in a way that is quite similar to that of a common orthopantomography examination.
The advantages of such methods are apparent, since they create useful images from software that is intended for assisted surgery. This software was developed by major companies such as Nobel Guide, Materialise Simplant, and Sirona Sicat. Due to its implant simulation abilities, it is now possible to plan out the treatment procedure by outlining the mandibular canal and positioning the implants.
We use 3-D technology for amazing results. For more information, call +39 800 200 227.
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