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Implant Procedures in the Province of Milan

The true strength of Clinica Dentale Zanardi lies in its team of well-established professionals--a set of high-profile figures, constantly kept up-to-date regarding the latest dental and implant technology. Thanks to their skills, you can rediscover the pleasure of smiling and solving the problems that affect teeth and gums. Do not hesitate to book an appointment at our clinic near Milan. For high-quality dental care, it is no longer necessary to travel abroad.

Immediate Implants
with the right clinical conditions!

Immediate implants require fast, innovative working technology. This method allows patients to enjoy newly-fixed teeth and to regain chewing abilities in a maximum of 24-48 hours after the operation. At Clinica Dentale Zanardi, we can carry out this type of operation in total safety.

Advantages of this Technology

The technology for immediate implantology was used for the first time in 1994, and currently represents one of the most practical and widely-used technologies at Clinica Dentale Zanardi thanks to its speed of completion. There is a great difference between this and deferred implantology, in which it is necessary to wait three to six months to apply the prostheses in the patient's mouth after having added implants inside the jaw bones or mandible.
Regarding this topic, Dr. Zanardi says, “Immediate implants are state-of-the-art. They represent safe and innovative technology that allows the patient to rapidly see results, and above all, it does not require enormous hardships after operation.”
The advantages of this technology are noteworthy and are demonstrated by their speed. This includes the immediate restoration of chewing abilities, and consequently, the ability to almost immediately resume normal, everyday activities. There are also remarkable economic savings when compared to traditional implants. At Clinica Dentale Zanardi, this operation takes place under conscious sedation for reduced emotional impact.

When to Use It

Dr. Zanardi explains when it is possible to use this immediate implant technology: “In the lower dental arch, thanks to the favorable texture of the alveolar process, it is nearly always possible to use. In the upper dental arch, the clinician will do a case-by-case evaluation with the help of a supplementary radiographic investigation.”
To guarantee the best service, we submit our patients to a preliminary visit and follow them throughout the entire process from operation to post-operative recovery. If you are wearing dentures, or you are affected by a periodontal disease, immediate implant technology is the best solution for your issues.
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