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Bone Reconstruction

Thanks to periodontic treatments, we can reconstruct bones and restore periodontal tissues and ligaments. Clinica Dentale Zanardi has always been committed to carrying out treatments that aim to give patients a healthier smile and a mouth free from serious problems. For this reason, our facility provides competitive business solutions that are suited for every need. For more information, you can use the details listed on the Contact page.

The Pathologies Involved

Periodontics can offer an effective remedy against gingivitis, an inflammatory condition of an immune nature that persists on the soft tissues surrounding the teeth. Neglecting this condition can lead to important problems, and that is why it is effective intervention is necessary. In fact, gingivitis can lead to periodontitis, which can compromise and weaken the structures that support the teeth until tooth loss occurs. In the same way, suffering from pyorrhea (the common name for "periodontal disease") means facing one of the most frequent and most damaging mouth conditions.
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Gum Inflammation

Inflammation of the gums can lead to periodontal problems that persist on the soft tissues of the mouth, as well as on tooth support structures and the alveolar process (bone). In this regard, our clinic is able to carry out bone reconstruction operations, even starting from situations where the remaining surface is small.
Some problems are solvable by bone reconstruction.
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